This is one of the best shoots I have ever done, Maria and Mark were a joy to work with, and the entire day was fun-filled. Both of their families know how to have a good time, and everyone was nice and acted very natural in every photo I took. The first place we took photos in was the church, and it was beautiful.

Detail was everywhere you looked. Statues, stained glass windows, flags, almost every type of decor you could think would be in a church was there, and it allowed for naturally lit beautiful photos. It was a joy to shoot photos here, as is every other location we went. The next place we went was actually in front of the Enterprise Stadium, otherwise known as the home of the Stanley Cup winners, the Blues.

Maria and Mark were wearing Blue’s apparel all day (socks and shoes), and it obviously fit with the photos they wanted to take. As we were outside, nice natural lighting was no issue. The style was obviously a good fit, and the blues merch really hit home this couple’s love of hockey. As we kept traveling across STL, we stopped at aloe park, right across from union station.

The park was gorgeous, and it was outside so we didn’t have to actively look for natural light. We captured lots of great photos, the lake made for a great background to contrast the other colors. It was also good to get more photos of just Maria and Mark before we traveled to Good News Brewery in Defiance.

The entire brewery was ready before Maria and Mark arrived, so the party was already started! Everyone’s family was there and ready, speeches were spoken and dinner was eaten, with some delicious desserts afterwards may I add. Afterwards, Maria and Mark went out with me to outside good news brewery to take some more photos, and some of them in the sunset.

Afterwards everyone was ready for the party, so we got it started! But before this, the dances were held, and those are always amazing and heartfelt.

After the dances were over it was time for the bouquet toss and the garter toss, which are fun to get photos of with all the craziness.

So finally the party photos were shot, and it was all a good deal of fun. I mean, it was a party!

Music, dancing, alcohol, everything you would ever want at a party was obviously there.

Afterwards, everyone leaves, and one of the best weddings I’ve shot comes to a close. Every venue was beautiful, the wedding was amazing, the food was great, and everyone knew how to have a good time. The party was awesome, and everything was laid back and fun, and you could tell Maria and Mark genuinely love each other.

This was an amazing wedding to shoot and was a lot of fun. This is how I hope all my future weddings go, and I hope all the couples and their families are this nice.

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    1. Two amazing people indeed, they were so fun to capture through the day!