It is such a fast day and you only get one together. So take a breath, lean in, kiss deeply and hold each other tight.

We have created processes that allows us to capture all the nostalgic moments of your wedding day. Those jaw dropping moments you didn't even know were happening.


Hello There,

My Name is McKinley.

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I first got into photography as a landscape photographer. Soon after buying my first camera I got married. I learned as a wedding photographer the importance of capturing special moments of your big day.

My new passion is to provide you with beautiful, timeless images that you can look back on creating NOSTALGIA for years to come.

Designation wedding photography

What do you want, truly? Is it Nostalgic feelings that take you back to the day of your wedding? We sure hope so!

My Process:



My Philosophy

Everyone is nervous and a bit anxious to step in front of my camera. I give you guidance in a way where you will feel comfort and find yourself being in the moment naturally.

Wedding Photography is my chosen profession, it is not a side job where your needs come second, it is my primary driver and one I pride myself on.

Photography should bring you back to a moment of meaning. When you might not be paying attention or your love is shared so deeply you feel it through the image.

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Looking back at your wedding 10-30 years from now

What memories would you like to recapture and feel nostalgic about?

Your wedding photography is more than a highlight of all the flowers and parts of the venue.

Your images should give you a feeling, of emotion, love, and comfort.

Capturing your nostalgic moments so you can relive them and feel your wedding day all over again is what moves us.



I am sure you have heard it already, "your wedding day will fly by", right? You've heard it. I have photographed so many weddings where couples have said "man that went by fast".

It's true, but I've got you!

Free your self from the time box, don't get robbed of the time on your one and only wedding day.

Find out how

Is wedding photography still Captured on Film?

Something Vintage and Nostalgic


Over the past few years as a St Louis wedding photographer

I have to admit it is no easy job being a St Louis wedding photographer, with our constant change in weather, you never know what is going to happen. But over the past few years shooting in the rain, sleet, and snow (that's right snow). I have had the privilege to work with some amazing couples, and I hope you will be next!

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