What you need to know about The Photo Booth

Photo booths are something special, as a wedding photographer I have a deep love for photographs, but not everyone has time or wants to stand in front of my camera. Enter the photo booth.

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It’s all about capturing your guest in their natural environment.

With that being said we live in a time where being in front of a cell phone capturing that image to put on social media has become the norm. The images you get from the Photo Booth are fun and relax your guest are able to relax and show you how much fun they are having at your event.

As a photographer I know there are people that are not comfortable in front of my camera. I do my best to gain trust to allow my subject to relax and and gain that comfort.

Fun Photography

From weddings, to birthday parties & commercial events

What is it?

My Photo Booth is made by Gifyyy and combines elegant hardware, powerful, integrated software, and unparalleled simplicity.

The result is a photo booth you can set up in five minutes, and leave to run itself. The Photo Booth creates super-fun animated GIFs and delivers them straight to guests' smartphones. Guests can then share to social media, and click to view a stream of all the GIFs from the event.

We like to call it a piece of fun for your amazing event.

II. Commercial Package

I. Portrait Package

This includes from lifestyle and editorial photoshoots, to product photography and other commercial projects. Donec sed odio dui. Tellus elementum sagittis vitae et leo. Sit amet nisl purus in mollis nunc sed id semper.

This package includes a 2 to 3 hours photography session and unc sollicitudin mattis metus mattis nibh sed.




• 3 hours of coverage
• 40-80 edited photos
• Online Gallery
• 2 prints




• Brand consultation

• Concept creation

• 6 hours of coverage
• 100-150 edited photos
• Online Gallery
• Unlimited Printing Rights

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Need a more tailored solution for your photography needs, here are additional services and features you can contract me for. Enim, diam nisl, hendrerit venenatis, nibh aliquet sapien eget gravida.


Extra prints

Extra photos

Extra hours

Want me to include more prints into your package? He is just as good and sweet and lovable and.

You can choose to add a larger image quantity to your default package.

You can choose to add more coverage hours. He is just as good and sweet and lovable.







work with me to get

Photographs embedded with light and silence

the minimalism highlights the details that matter