The vintage EXPERIENCE

there's purpose in each image. film portraits are different, The feel of the image changes.

St Louis film photographer

How it started, why I got into film.

So I bought a film camera, again not spending much because I was not sure if I could even do it. It's like a new world. I had to learn what different film stocks will look like and I have to focus manually, which I have done on digital but have no choice but to do it on my film camera. Film cameras just bring back that vintage nostalgic feel. I can't even put it in to words.

Initially I thought it was just something fun to try, something new but at the same time old. I love my digital cameras and the images they create. I have a limitless amount of images that can be taken on digital. Film makes me slow down, on a wedding day that is tough to do. While I do have to slow down with film I have to keep moving through the day.

My Current Film Camera

How it works

Film images from a wedding

Film Selection

If you choose to have film shot your wedding day I want to give you a choice, I keep the choices silm to film stocks I have personally grown to love and believe will look the best on your wedding day. The next is choice color or black and white.


Wedding Film photography

Deciding what to capture

This is a tough one, I have come to the conclusion that there are only a certain amount of images I would like to capture on film on a wedding day. So, I limit myself to one roll of film, that is going to be either 24-37 exposures depending on what film selection you have chosen.


St Louis wedding film camera


As I have already stated my film images are never in digital form. This is simply because I will be giving you a lot of digital images, film images will come in a physical form. You have the choice of getting them on a 5x7 all the way up to a 13x19 print. How much these prints cost depending on the reveal session. Which is another service I provide my couples.








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What film camera do you use?

What type of film do you use?

I use a Canon AE-1 Program, this in my opinion is a great little camera. It handles film very well and has not failed me yet. I have had it serviced and everything is ready to go!

I use 35mm film, the kinds of film I am currently using is ILFORD HP5 400 B&W, Portra 160 or 400, and recently Ektar 100. These have all show some pretty amazing results and in my option has made me a better overall wedding photographer.

Why don't I get my film digitally?

How long does it take to get the film developed?

It's a great question. Everything other than film you get from me in digital. In my mind film does not belong in digital and if you really enjoy the images then great you must want to show them, the best way to do that is in print or for it to live in your wedding album. All photos end up on line and then get forgotten about you want these vintage memories to last for you. You won't regret it.

I don't develop my own film...yet. I have been looking into it. So, I have been taking my film to a local camera shop which is kinda cool because it helps their business as well. They have never taken over a week for development of film.