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Do you even like your wedding photographer?

Seems kinda obvious, but do you even like them? Surely you have spoke with them go with you gut what type of vibe did you get from them? You will be spending your day with them you better like them!

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

st louis wedding photography


How long will it take to see your images?

Is the photographer saying 4-6 weeks? Make sure that is in the contract. Don't let your photographer make a promise they can't keep. Remember quick is not always the best. Do you want your images done fast, or right?

– Albert Einstein

St Louis Wedding photographer


How long until you get your album?

While you can create your own album which could leave you frustrated and over-whelmed causing you to not have your wedding album complete possibly ever. My couples have an album design within weeks of their wedding at the reveal. We’ll go through the design and make changes, in real time, together until it’s absolutely perfect. My couples typically have their wedding album in their hands a few months after their wedding.