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What is an album? Something that all of your wedding images end up in? Yeah, kinda.

An album is more than just a paper weight that is just laying around. Your album is what we in the photography biz call your first family heirloom. It will be passed on and looked at for many years, from your children to your grandchildren. So be sure that it will stand the test of time. How can you do that?

Wedding albums
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  1. - First order through your photographer, we have access to albums that consumers do not.
  2. - Look down the binding of your album be sure there is no cracks or seperations.
  3. - Pay attention to the corners of your album, is the white padding showing through, like an old library book?
  4. - Look down the edges of your album are there any bends, wavyness, or warping of anykind?
  5. - Look at your images, your photographer might have shown you differant paper that can be used in your album, but if you see colors that are off or a blur that is not intentional then ask your photographer, your images should be a little bit sharper (depending on the paper) than you saw on screen.

Photographers will develop albums for you taking the burdan off your hands, have you ever set yourself a huge task like cleaning up your photos on your phone and never doing it?

It is our job to develop these amazing keep sakes for you and we love to do it! Going through over a thousand images to place in your album and getting them just right can be a huge task, but we have software and workflows that allow us to get this task taken care of quickly and effecitantly.

Wedding albums