Recently I was at the mall with my mother-in-law and she wanted to go into Victoria's Secret. She said she can not buy bras from here because they do not fit, but loves the perfumes and lotions. 

I thought it is kind of crazy they have not always had sizes for everyone.

I did however visit the site and I saw that they do go up to XXL and have a tutorial on sizing. I thought this was a step in the right direction! 

My husband said take some pictures while you are in there. I guess because I am a woman it’s okay but it still felt a little creepy haha.

So I snapped pictures of all kinds of lingerie.

Some things I thought hmm maybe even with my body type I could pull that off. Other things there would be absolutely no way.

Now, if I have clients that wanted to shop at Victoria Secret I wouldn’t discourage it however, for a photoshoot there are so many more places that are more affordable. Check out our blog, What to Wear, What to wear? For your first Boudoir Shoot! On ideas.

So exhibit A

On this red strappy bodysuit, if I were to wear this I would look like a can of exploded biscuits! Honestly, any woman with curves or a stomach would. It’s a good thought if you are perfectly flat or in really great shape. I am not saying that women with confidence couldn’t pull it off, I am just saying it would be hard to find a lot of flattering angles.

Now exhibit B

A pretty simple bodysuit with a little shimmer. Bodysuits are certainly in right now and very flattering to many body types. The only thing is that this bodysuit is about $100.00. Now if I were going to re-wear this several times (not just for a photoshoot) maybe I would splurge. There are many other sites out there with just as good options for way less. 

Just to recap

I am not putting Victoria's Secret down. They have a lot of great products and are making an effort. I am just saying for the amount you would spend for a photoshoot there are so many other resources!

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